Using climate service portal

This document is for the advanced version of the projection portal, but contains all information for the simple one as well. For an even more advanced usage, you might want to read the page dedicated to custom formulas.

Top menu

Map section

Map interaction allows to select zones for time graphs. By default, it is set on region interaction.

When several regions are selected, values are averaged for graph calculations, weighted by each region's area. Note that because of successive approximations, selecting all the regions will yield a result slightly different that selecting the country.

In the map's top menu, two other interactions may display finer data.

The top-right search bar allows you to scroll places. Most important places are already pinned on the map, but the search bar contains much more.

Graph section

The right side of the page presents time series. The upper one shows monthly evolution (averaged for years), the lower one show interannual evolution. They compare scenarii by default, along with error bars (i.e. standard deviation of selected models). You may switch to model comparison for a given scenario.

To the rightmost side, the legend displays if a specific series is visible or hidden . Click on it to toggle. You may toggle visibility of every series at once by using the uppermost button . When using model comparison view, you may also remove entirely a specific model by clicking on the cross . In this case the model will be removed and everything re-calculated. You may put the model back on by selecting it again in the top menu.

Click and drag in the interannual graph to zoom in, double-click to zoom out. It is possible to use the zoom as year range for the next calculation, by clicking on "Use these bounds" below.